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Welcome to KensyCloud

Unlimited storage up to 100MB*

Our Virtual Hosts are almost always over-allocated

We strive to cram as many VMs onto our hosts as possible so that they’re never lonely.

Our VMs usually swap memory to disk

Why limit yourself to only the memory you actually have?  We allocate way more memory than available so that our VMs constantly swap to disk!

Our network provides the highest level of security

When you have enough network issues that you drop most packets then you really don’t need a firewall!  We pass the savings on to you.


Guaranteed uptime

We absolutely guarantee there will be uptime – just not how much.


CPU Allocation

Avg. Host Uptime in Days


VMs with RAM Swapping

As a cloud hosting provider, we recently started using KensyCloud to demonstrate to our own customers what horrible service is actually like.  Now, we use it almost exclusively to show clients how catastrophically an environment can fail without a proper DR plan.  So, I guess we have KensyCloud to thank for that.

T. Hamilton

Sr. Sales Engineer, Arrivederci Manufacturing

I first directed our internal IT to KensyCloud in order to host things off-premises.  We’re confused as we’ve not received an invoice in 8 months and there’s no way to pay through the website.  At first we felt bad but our infrastructure is down most of the time anyway.  We hope that maybe our data will just disappear and we can move on with our lives.

P. Schwarz

Director Procurement, Boeheed Martin

* Unlimited space is offered for the first 21 seconds after your server is turned on at which point you are allowed 100MB of total storage.

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